Welcome to Typingbattle – your ultimate destination for improving typing speed and earning rewards and cash prize! Dive into exciting typing challenges, track your progress with detailed metrics like WPM, accuracy, raw WPM, correct/incorrect characters, and CPM. Earn points and redeem them for exciting rewards.


wpm:total number of characters in the correctly typed words divided by 5 and normalised to 60 seconds.

acc:percentage of correctly pressed keys (correctly pressed keys / total key pressed).

points:double of time duration in minutes.

raw wpm:calculated just like wpm, but also includes incorrect words.

cpm:total number of characters in typed text normalised to 60 seconds.

char:correct characters / incorrect characters.

words:total number of correctly typed words.

incorrect:total number of incorrectly typed words.

Points Rules:

  • Points are equal to double the typing time duration in minutes. For example, for 30 seconds, you earn 1 point, and for 1 minute, you earn 2 points, and so on.
  • Your wpm and accuracy must be greater than or equal to 10 and 50%, respectively, to earn points, otherwise, you receive zero points.

Additional Features:

  • Display a leaderboard based on words per minute (wpm), with tiebreakers determined by total points.
  • Show a score graph featuring the latest 10 scores on both the dashboard and user profiles.

Result Screen:

After completing a test, you will be able to see your wpm, accuracy, points, raw wpm, cpm, character stats, correct words, incorrect words, and time duration. (You can hover over values to get more details.)

Redemption Rule:

Your account must be older than 15 days to process redemption.


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